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Silicone Face Mask Application Brush

Silicone Face Mask Application Brush

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Do you need a tool for applying your face masks, serums, or facial creams? Well, our Silicone Facial Mask Brushes are suitable for all skin types and facials! Our Silicone Facial Mask Brushes work for clay masks, gel masks, mud masks, serums, body lotions, body butter, and other skincare products. Our silicone mask applicators are made of high-quality silicone material, making them soft and comfortable and allowing you to evenly apply a thin layer of your skincare products. They are easy to clean and durable for high-temperature products too! It's the perfect addition to your skincare routine.


  • Size: 5.4"x1.18"
  • Material: silicone

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Care Instructions

Clean brushes with warm water and mild soap. Grab one of our brush cleansers. Clean brushes are happy brushes! Read about Brush Care 101.

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