Our Story

Pink Sweetheart has the ultimate mission to provide amazing, fun and unique beauty products to our customers. 

We believe in providing beauty and cosmetic accessories that you will always be happy with. Pink Sweetheart aims to meet all of your beauty needs with products that are simply cute, different, and one of a kind pieces. Let's not forget the aesthetic and appeal of course! 

With the perfect set of beauty tools, being a woman always feels good! Our products allow you to get excited about doing your makeup because you will have products that you love to use. 

In a world full of black and white, you deserve to stand out and be colorful! If cute cosmetics and beauty products are your thing, then you're in the right place. We are here to add one of a kind pieces to your cosmetic and beauty collection... because you deserve nice things.


Pink Sweetheart is owned and operated by Ashley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If there is nothing Ashley loves more than good food and pajamas, it's definitely her makeup bag and makeup brushes! 
She designed Pink Sweetheart with that in mind. As a mom, wife and entrepreneur, she definitely understands that women need a little extra excitement, even with something as simple as their makeup tools and beauty accessories.
"In the beauty world, everything seemed to be so plain, sleek and black. That's no fun. I figured, we don't just want white or black, we want color. We need glitter, sprinkles, rainbows... and unicorns! I think every woman deserves to take her hard earned money and at least buy herself fun, exciting and amazing beauty products. That's who Pink Sweetheart is for."
- Ashley

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