Popshop Live

What is Popshop Live?

  • Popshop Live, also known as PSL, is a live streaming app where you can watch a variety small business showcase their products, and connect with a community of fellow shoppers and collectors just like you!
  • It allows you to shop, chat and get a close up view of our products. Popshop Live is available on both iOS and Android.

How to Join Pink Sweetheart on PSL!

  • Download the app "Popshop Live" in the app store, and make sure to use code "PINKSH" when signing up!
  • Once you do, make sure to follow Pink Sweetheart and add us to your watch list to be notified when we go live!

**Our scheduled shows are every Monday 11am (CST) and a few random shows in between! Make sure to stop by and hang out. Hope to see you there!