Face Behind the Brand

Ashley, the owner and operator of Pink Sweetheart, was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Pink Sweetheart is also located. She is a wife, a mother and entrepreneur amongst many other things. 
She has had many experiences that lead her to become a business woman.
Check out her interview:

 ashley, the owner of pink sweetheart


  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Ashley and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a husband and three children. I'm a Virgo, I love good food and I am a tech geek. I binge watch series on Netflix because I can't help myself. I love learning...documentaries, the history channel or anything like that I am a sucker for. I sometimes think I am an introvert but maybe I'm just shy but I love meeting new people and sparking conversations. Oh, and I love iced coffee and anything that contains blueberry!
  • How did you get into being an entrepreneur?
It has always been a passion. I went to business camp every summer as a kid, so that had a lot to do with it. At such a young age I was writing a business plan! So I knew I was going to do something with all of this information. I wanted to own something, to make something of my own. No matter how small, it would be mines. I wasn't trying to be the next Walmart or the next big thing, I just wanted to do my own thing. And I am still learning, and growing and I am definitely okay with that.
  • Can you give some business advice to women?
Take your time sweetie. Be patient. Don't rush anything. It is all a gradual process. And please have a mentality that you have something to offer the world, not doing it for the money. Running a small business can be challenging and there are no guarantees, so you take a gamble daily not knowing if it will fail or be a success. The harsh reality is that you probably won't make $5K or maybe not even $50 your first day in business. But if you're passionate enough, that doesn't matter and you just keep going. Keep improving. Keep growing and keep learning. Being a boss is not as glamorous as you think, it still requires hard work everyday. It's a real job too, so be assured that it's no easier than any other "regular" job.
  • How do you juggle everything?
Yikes, I honestly don't know. I'd have to say prayer, meditation and lots of power naps! I love to sleep when I can. I'm not the "keep going until you burn out" kind of person. I need my sleep! I work and think better when I take care of myself.  And my guilty pleasure is impulsive shopping. Buying stuff I don't need, yeah, sometimes that makes me feel better, too.
  • Can you tell us something interesting about you?
I have an educational background in Criminal Justice which I started at Grambling State University but finished at Kaplan University. I also have a degree in Funeral Service from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Most people are usually in awe when I say that and they have lots of questions, but I love talking about it and sharing my knowledge. I was in the field for a while but it became very demanding. I plan to go back eventually. If I don't get to do anything else, I definitely still want to be a Funeral Director along with running my business.
  • What does Pink Sweetheart mean to you?
It's rather cliche honestly but it's meaningful to me. Pink is very powerful to me. It's a color that represents romance, love, kindness, and femininity. You see pink and automatically associate it with something girly. Sweetheart, according to the Merriam Dictionary, is one who is loved, a generally likable person or a remarkable one of its kind. I felt that the two together just gave me a whole vibe! Knowing that I was creating something for women, I was like yes! It has to be this, I love it! Saying it sounded good and it stuck. I wanted something cute, unique and easy to remember. It was perfect to me.
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